5.2.3 – Any teacher who requests additional teacher training and any teacher who takes a job in the House presents to the Board of Directors, within ninety (90) calendar days after the start of employment or from the first day of the school year or after the first day of the school year, satisfactory proof of teacher training. 5.1.1 For the purposes of this section, the teacher must submit, before paying compensation for The Pre-Commitment Experience, a certified compliant statement from former employers that this experience in a school was under the jurisdiction of a provincial, national or national ministry of education. This evidence takes the form of a letter from the Secretary of State, the Superintendent or the Board of Education. If the required proof is not possible within the ninety (90) calendar days, a notarized statement from a teacher may be acceptable as an interim measure. In the event that the teacher leaves the office before the experience is verified, the Board of Directors may withhold payment of the equal pay between the actual verified experience and the salary paid on the basis of a notarized statement. Increments are performed on September 1 and February 1 and no teacher is credited with more than one supplement for a school year. 2.3 If this is not communicated, the agreement remains in force from year to year. 14.9 This collective agreement remains in force until a new agreement is reached. 10.5 A teacher who is not absent from school assignments to receive the necessary medical or dental care, or for accident, disability or illness, may be required to submit a signed declaration or medical certificate upon request. The House reserves the right to request a medical examination by a physician chosen by the House. 14.6.1 – Notwithstanding 14.6 for a maximum period of 5 days of operation during the first 10 days of operation in June, teachers with current contracts within the school will have the opportunity to apply for the reassignment of positions that are expected to remain vacant at this school for the next school year. At the principal`s discretion, existing staff within the school are reassigned.

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