The heart of their relationship is Phil`s discovery that Kathy is biased in her own way. She told him that it would not matter if he was Jewish, but thank God he is not. Let the public ask what Dave Kathy will ask later: what are you doing to stop the injustice? Is it so terrible to sit there listening to someone racist, as if he was making a racist comment himself? And we lie and say we`re not racist to be popular? The problem is that their character is downright unsympathetic throughout the film, so it doesn`t matter! She calls her sister for prejudice because Phil told me that, not because she really agrees. She really thinks she`s right, even if she tells Tommy that he`s not really Jewish, so it doesn`t matter what the bullies call it. In the end, you don`t see Kathy slitting her throat. Of course, she has dinner with Dave and she must have that deep moment of understanding, but the film simply ends with the fact that Phil goes to his door; the public realizes that they will meet again. What are you doing with Celeste Holm Anne? There is no real love triangle, because anne is never made a rival for Phil`s affection. She finds the script so right that she is thrown out of the finished product before the end. If the public so vehemently opposes mating, the screenwriter should plan accordingly. Gentleman`s Agreement is not impeccable, but the script and performances are impressive and make it interesting to see. The message is simple, but effective for the period. It is not a life change for the public, and it does not do much other than show non-Jewish people how Jews are treated; but he does it in a scintillating and convincing way.

Peck and Garfield are a force to be expected; Just try to ignore Dorothy McGuire. This is a nice balanced review of this film. GENTLEMEN`S AGREEMENT has this Hollywood splendor typical of the embassy film, but it`s a good movie thanks to the cast. Most of these types of information images succeed through occupation and crafting, and often on nose scripting. The gentleman`s agreement not only raises the point of view of Jewish hatred after the Second World War, but it seems that Hollywood itself is making comments. The fact that the executives of almost all the major studios were Jewish makes it all the more open when Phil and his editor-in-chief John Minify (Albert Dekker) presented the idea to the board of directors.

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