The city`s agreement with the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local No. 263, ended in late 2018. It was the first to be concluded in a round of negotiations with all unions, during which the city sought wage stoppages for the year 2017. Medicine Firefighters were the second lowest paid among departments in the province`s medium-sized municipalities in 2018, when the local contract expired. Medicine Hat – The City of Medicine Hat has ratified a new collective agreement with Local #46 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. As a general rule, negotiated comparisons that adopt a union membership vote are then processed by elected officials at the next City Council meeting. If both sides ratify the agreement, an overview of the pact will be provided. In the meantime four of the five collective agreements of the city with the total staff of 1,100 persons expired. The collective agreement would replace a contract expiring at the end of 2019 and would settle the terms of most of the city`s unionized workforce. “We are pleased to have reached an agreement through constructive and respectful efforts,” said Robert Nicolay, City of Medicine Hat CAD. “The three-year contract is fair and reasonable given Alberta`s general economic conditions and provides security for the city, the Union and workers in times of great uncertainty.

The previous agreement expired on December 31, 2019. The new contract is valid for three years, from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022. General wage increases include 0% from 1 January 2020; 0% effective January 1, 2021; and 2% effective January 1, 2022. The town hall`s collective agreement with the Medicine Hat Police Association expires at the end of 2020. The negotiations lasted more than two years before the pages embarked on a pay change of zero percent in 2017, but nearly 8 percent of cumulative increases over the past three years. Now we see you say that the average salary of an MHP officer is $50.44 per hour, google the average salary for a Winnipeg police officer from December 2019 from the start of salary to 9-15 years of service and you will find an average salary of $41.90 per hour! You don`t need a singleton to know where you prefer to be employed as a police officer! The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local No. 254, represents approximately 160 workers in two power line and power plant worker units. Your contract expired at the end of 2019. The three-year contract with a wage freeze in 2017 – an important point in the city`s budget – then increased 2 percent over the next two years.

This is below the 2020 contract rate in Calgary and Lethbridge, but on Edmonton, although officers with all three of these municipal police forces were earning more in the meantime. Unionized municipal employees voted on a new contract proposal late Thursday, although details of the deal or the outcome of the vote are not likely to be known until Monday. The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local No. 46, represents approximately 800 workers from the inside, outside and transit. Alberta Labour does not make salary comparisons for general municipal and procurement staff because of the large situation. For more information, please contact: Colleen Graham Director, Marketing and Communications Invest Medicine Hat/City of Medicine Hat 403.502.8071 He stated that discussions have been ongoing since the last contract expired at the end of 2019. The latest increase, which came into effect in July, indicates that the average salary for the Medicine Hat police officer is 50.44 $US per hour, according to data from the Alberta Department of Labor and Immigration.

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