The following terms and conditions and all other conditions that are specific to identified online software or services that are published on, referring to a legal agreement (“agreement”) between you (either a natural entity or a unit), the end user and the organization of the Dassault-Systemes group referred to in the following paragraph (“DS”) regarding the various offers made up (i) of the computer software known as SOLIDWORKS® and other DS-licensed software (which, without restriction, can include SOLIDWORKS simulation analysis products, SOLIDWORKS Composer and SOLIDWORKS product data management products in all countries) and/or content, including databases, 2D and 3D models, in machine-readable form (the “software”) and/or (ii) online services , i.e. online access and the use of the offer and other related services (the “online services”) (the “offer”). The term “Offer” also applies to (i) all updates or upgrades to the offer that you may receive from time to time as part of a subscription service or other support contract, (ii) all add-ons of the offer that you can order and install from time to time, and (iii) third-party software as adobe® PDF library built into the SOLIDSWORK offer. You can`t load or use the offer in a computer or copy it without being able to do so from DS. DS offers you a non-exclusive right to access the offer and/or download it and use it in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. You should carefully read these terms and conditions before opening the case that contains the offer or use of the online offer or services. If you open the case that contains the software, or if you install and use the software or online services, your consent will be given for the application of these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, immediately refer the case containing the Software and the corresponding articles (including written documents) for a refund. For the offer, it is a licensing agreement and not a sales contract. 1.F.

Safety mechanisms. DS and its related companies take all necessary legal measures to eliminate piracy of their software products. In this context, the offer may contain a security mechanism capable of detecting the installation or use of illegal copies of the offer and collecting and transmitting data on these illegal copies. The data collected does not contain the customer data that was created with the offer. By using the offer, you accept the elucidated data and survey data and their transmission and use when an illegal copy is discovered.

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