Only one arbitrator will settle the dispute. You should be aware that participation in arbitration may lead to a limited discovery depending on the rules of the arbitration organization that is chosen to resolve the dispute. The arbitrator will consider claims of privileges recognized by law and will take appropriate measures to protect accounts receivable information and other confidential or proprietary information. Xfinity Home Secure restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Only new private customers. Limited to Xfinity Home Secure service. Contract with a minimum term of 2 years. Early termination fees apply when all Xfinity services (excluding Xfinity Mobile) are terminated for the duration of the contract.

All other devices that are not included in the offer, installation, taxes and fees and other applicable surcharges. Prices can change. Service limited to one take. Can`t be combined with other offers. Requires a compatible high-speed Internet subscription. Visit for more details. AZ: ROC 280515, BTR 18287-0; CA: CSLB 974291, ACO 7118 licensed and regulated by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento, CA, 95814; MN: TS674412; NM: 373379; OR: CCB 192945; TX: B-16922,-02571, ACR-1672104,-1818 We are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Board, whose address is: P.O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773, (512) 424-7710; UT: 8226921-6501; WA: COMCABS892DS. Valid 19.04.17. The current list is available in

The 30-day refund guarantee is valid for one month of recurring service and standard installation fees of up to $500. Ask for restrictions and full details. comcast ©2019. All rights reserved. Performance Plus – XH Secure e. Payment by credit card or cheque. The use of a credit card for payment of the service is subject to the corresponding card issuer agreement. If we do not receive payment from your credit card issuer or its agents, you agree to pay all the amounts due on request. If you pay by cheque, you allow us to collect your cheque electronically. You agree not to change or change the agreement with restrictive references (such as “fully paid” or any other statement or sharing of cheques or other payments we accept, and these ratings have no legal effect. Comcast strives to provide consumers with accessible and easy-to-understand information about the services we offer so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs.

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