On specialized news sites, you can see reviews of Binomo customers who accuse the company of fraud due to blocking a trading account if you try to withdraw money. One cannot agree with such opinions! In such cases, blocking access to your account is only a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of customers` money. Only leave for binomo.com if you don`t like your money. At least that`s what happened to me when I wasted 2.5 bitcoins in it. On the advice of a close friend, I moved to (BTCArbitrage.live????) and the choice was worth it. This month just this month, I made 6.3 bitcoins thanks to their 10 days and months. That`s why I would highly recommend it! Most of those who talk negatively about Binomos and other brokers have lost money simply because they do not know how to act. Although in general, the recipes are quite real. Most new traders ignore the terms of the user agreement when registering an account with the company, which inevitably leads to problems with the payment of winnings. This is a fantastic experience with binomo for me on binomo well I am always looking for the free bonus and the free tournament. I found binomo I managed to win bonus and tournament money, but I couldn`t withdraw because I first have to deposit money to withdraw an account I deposit into. I was going to deposit with a crypto-payment. When I click to drop a page from the site coinpayments, appears and when I click to check another page Popup gives me address and QR to scan, I did the scan to pay.

did not work lol binance say something about the invalid address. It didn`t work manually either. So I`m email support. It was an automatic response to the payment method. So I open a chat with the support and ask him if there is another address for crypto-payments. The support says there isn`t one and it should work. and if I can deposit with a bank or other method. So I ask them a simple question. Can I send Bitcoin to Litcoin Wallet? Will it work? the answer was YES, IT WILL BE. This would therefore explain a lot the poverty of Binomo. I have over $300 of real money account from the tournament and bonuses. that I can never withdraw.

I`m not sad, I have nothing to do, it was fun to explore a new bad platform. Is it a scam? I don`t know I don`t care if I know they`re not pro at all. Small and simple tricks can always show who you are dealing with Verification on Binomo does not require considerable effort on the part of users. To confirm your identity in most cases, simply provide a quality photo of the release of a civil passport or ID card (aadhaar card if you are from India). It is important to understand that the lack of verification or the refusal of the customer to provide the employees of the company with the necessary documents for this purpose is a sufficient reason to stop the provision of services to the merchant. • www.binomo.com and www.binpartner.com domain names, as well as all other domain names containing the words “binomo” or “binpartner”; Traffic – the total number of affiliate customers who visited the site www.binomo.com.

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