Enjoy the most comprehensive online grammar exam on the market. Enjoy correct one-click reading, wherever you type to improve your English writing while learning from your grammatical mistakes. This rule sounds deceptively simple, but subject-verb compliance errors are quite common. Sharpen your grammar skills and get to the top of the useful subject-verb compliance rules below. The best way to avoid this type of error is to find a simpler name to represent the subject. Perhaps: Here are two sets of verb-place conformity exercises for you: Are you looking for worksheets for the subject-verb chord to better understand what the subject-verb chord is? Print this page as a PDF and use it to check your understanding of what a subject-verb agreement is and the rules regarding the subject. Check your scores at the end of the subject-verb agreement worksheets and read the subject-verb agreement PDF as a guide. The sentence should be: How well did you do these worksheets for the subject-verb agreement? Check your answers below and discuss them with a professor if you need more clarity on what the topic match is. Then follow this link to get more information about what the subject-verb chord is and a definition of the subject-verb chord….

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