The parties to this agreement are BESA and Electrical Contractors` Association (ECA), on behalf of the employers, and EESA, on behalf of the staff. These are the general conditions of sale for full-time workers in classes 1 to 6. The conditions of sale of part-time employees are proportional. The salary agreement applicable to personnel in the environmental technology industry (IEE) applies to: technical/manager; supervision; administrative and clericae staff; and student engineers. During parental leave, employers are not required to pay the worker`s salary. However, during parental leave, workers may be entitled to parental allowances provided by the State. Under German legislation, the parental allowance is 67% of the worker`s average income in the 12 months preceding the birth of the child. There is no income limit, but the maximum amount of parental allowance is 1,800 euros and the minimum amount is 300 euros. Parents are entitled to parental allowances for 14 months from the date of birth of the child. A parent can only receive parental allowance for 12 months. The central element of the agreement is an easy-to-use and bureaucracy-free job evaluation system. This system is a recognized method to help employers establish a fair, equitable and rational classification and compensation structure for their employees, whether or not they use the EEI agreement.

These agreements are concluded with the Unite union (with regard to hourly operation) and its EESA employee section (with regard to employees). (ii) or, with the written agreement of the Debt Board, that it is possible to waive the expiry of the 3-month notice period before the beginning of the first half of the year. Salary scalesThe payment is made on the salary scale of employees of the University of Dundee, which is reviewed annually. After more than 6 months of employment (before the 1st An increase is paid each year on October 1st, within the limit of the grade. An employee may resign in writing at the university with a period of one month. (i) the period of written notice of the employee who is fully served during the summer holidays, before the beginning of the first semester Exceptionally, the employee may leave before the beginning of the first semester, subject to the following indications: – German law provides that workers receive 100% of their salary or salary from their employer during the first six weeks of the illness. This six-week period can be triggered more than once a year. During the period of leave, workers are entitled to full remuneration. Often, the employer also grants a special vacation pay as a voluntary bonus to employees. Salary scalesThe payment is made on the salary scale of employees of the University of Dundee. Salary increases for faculty are in line with nationally agreed cost-of-living increases agreed by JNCHES. In addition, the remuneration of professors is reviewed every year in October by the university`s remuneration committee.

It includes the possibility for employers to pay employees` travel and accommodation expenses in agreement with HMRC tax-free, without the administrative complications usually associated with this practice Another part of the payroll package may include bonuses. There are a large number of different types of bonuses in Germany. This may include things like additional payments; profit-interest commission; Staff incentives and bonuses. . . . . . .

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