The specific rules for pets and smoking depend on the legislation of each province and territory. Owners of social housing cannot refuse to rent to tenants with pets. Your roommate`s pet will somehow be your responsibility. If you really don`t want to deal with a dog, move in with a roommate who has the same meaning. Even if your roommate is a great pet owner, there will be times when he or she won`t be there. What if you came home an hour earlier than your roommate? Let the dog bark for an hour, or do you watch him sit at the door and moan to be let out? There`s a good chance you`ll end up offering dog care (unless you want to wipe the pee and hear uninterrupted barking). It is especially important to take the dog to pee. To avoid feelings of resentment, try to see it as a helper for the innocent dog or do something nice for your roommate. Be sure to let your roommate know what you`ve done and ask them to do extra weekly work in return. Here are a few things to keep in mind before moving in with a roommate or deciding to share your home. If you choose to violate a “no pets” clause in your lease, your landlord can distribute you unless you are in Ontario. However, offences are treated differently in different provinces and territories, with some giving warnings before final written notice is issued.

The Fair Housing Act also provides for derogations from a pet directive for tenants with physical or emotional disabilities. Washington State Fair Housing Partners and the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) offer a model accompaniment/service procedure for tenants with disabilities who require a companion or service animal. Columbia University, the University of California, Santa Cruz, and wesleyan University offer a similar policy for services and assistants for people with disabilities living on campus. If your roommate has a dog, he or she pays the deposit for the pet and any additional monthly rental fees. If the dog damages the apartment, your roommate will not recover the deposit for the pet. All damages exceeding the amount of the pet deposit will be deducted from your combined deposit or will be presented to you as an invoice by the owner. If you feel that the dog is neglected, you have a much more serious problem on your hands. You can start by playing your part in helping the dog.

Tell your roommate what you noticed. Your roommate may give you a reason for this (maybe money is scarce or time is an issue). If so, it is in the best interest of the dog to get a better home….

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