If you have any questions about participating in NASPO ValuePoint Framework Contracts, please contact the Cooperative Contract Coordination Team at [email protected]. If you have any questions, would like more details about the agreements available, or if you feel that the above agreements do not apply to you and you need an alternative option, please contact the Apple Contracts team at contracts@apple.com. You can find information about service options, including AppleCare, on the Apple Support page. The State of Maine has entered into a cloud solutions contract with Carahsoft. This contract vehicle is a participating endorsement whose function is to renew Carahsoft`s NASPO ValuePoint contract. Any government in the state of Maine can use this contract vehicle to find cloud solutions through a state contract. For States that do not use a participating endorsement or that use a participating endorsement that covers only certain companies, other eligible companies may participate in a framework contract as described in a document provided by NASPO ValuePoint for the participation of eligible companies. For more details on eligibility, see the participation document for eligible companies. Contractual lists List of service contracts at national level available to all public authorities. An equity addition (PA) is typically used by a state chief procurement official (CPO) to enter into a state contract linked to a particular NASPO ValuePoint framework contract. The PA identifies unique state-specific conditions and identifies the public authorities and other bodies authorized in the state empowered to participate in the agreement. A State CPO may issue APs allowing participation in the following way: throughout the country – provides for the participation of all public and local authorities and other eligible bodies within the State – only the participation of public bodies before other eligible bodies – provides for the participation of local government authorities and other eligible bodies, but prohibits the participation of public authorities Please read the participating addendum for details of the authorisation to participate. If you are an institution with the possibility of purchasing under multiple contracts, you must confirm that the account under which you place your order is linked to the intended contract.

The K-12 public, public higher education and community colleges. Are you a buyer of your institution? Sign up or sign up for the Apple Online Store to buy online today! Please contact: Bethany BlackwellProgram Manager (703) 230-7435 Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance, human resources, and payroll. Workday provides financial management, human capital management, and analytics applications for leading businesses, educational institutions, and government authorities. Community colleges, public, public and private K-12 higher education, public and local authorities. institutionorders@apple.com (education) govorders@apple.com (government). To view WSCA products and prices, please visit the following online stores: Please click on the following links to find the information that is most useful to you….

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