From Airport

∇ Express Train?from Incheon Int’l Airport?∇

1. Get into AREX(Express Rail) to the Seoul Station, it takes 43 minutes.

KRW 8,000/person

Time table?

? ? ? ? ? ? 2. At Seoul station(Subway Station): Exit 10 or Exit 11

3. 5~10 mins-walk(350m) upward Namsan tower or Namsan Park

4. ?Almost there

Here is?Huam Samgeori
and 1 minutes?walk into?a small street between two buildings( Gray arrow on the picture)



지 하 철 : 1호선, 4호선 서울역 하차 (10번,11번 출구)

시내버스 : 202번, 405번, 605번 도동삼거리(후암삼거리) 하차

마을버스 : 2번 후암시장 하차

후암삼거리 방향 트라펠리스 부동산과 속초집 사이 골목으로 10M

걸어오시면 됩니다.

[ Transportation ]

Taxi: Most taxis accept international cards.
Destination: Hillton hotel(100m), Seoul station(350m),Huam Samgeori (30m), Namsan Trapalace(50m)
Bus: Huam Samgeori (3,202,400), Seoul station bus transfer center ( at Subway Exit 9-1)
Subway(metro): Seoul station (1st line, 4 th line)
Rail: Seoul station