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Dokebi cottage is a newly restored red brick house at Huam-dong where about 10 minutes walk from many touristic sites and city center such as the Seoul station, Myeong-dong, Namdaemun, Namsan, etc.

Dokebi(dokkaebi) is a legendary creature from Korean folklore, has extraordinary powers and abilities that are used to interact with humans, at times playing tricks on them and at times helping them(from wiki).?Usually they’ve been described with handsome and tall guys like them in the popular Korean drama ‘Guardian’. This loft house is decorated with Korean traditional objects like a pine tree, jagae (shell of pearl), and old small furniture. Dokebi(dokkaebi) cottage have 3 villas, 201 Yi sang villa with balcony, ?202 Dongju studio with a private terrace, 301 Dokebi loft villa with rooftop terrace. Whole interior design is a mixing up with traditional Korean and 1920 art-deco style. Three villas are hommage for three Korean?artists, Yi sang(1910-1937), Yun dongju (1917-1945),and Kwon Jin Kyu(1922-1973).

Enjoy silent and cozy stay in the center of Seoul.

Dokkaebi tile (Shilla Dynansty B.C.57)

K-drama ‘Guardian’

About Huam dong

Dokebi cottage is located at Huam-dong like a old village in the center of Seoul near Namsan. When you come to visit this area , you can feel its vintage style atmosphere with old and rustic houses and visit new rising hipster places like Haebangchon(해방촌) and Itaewon. Enjoy trip to early 20th century of Korea cozy and chic.

후암동 골목의 낡은 벽돌집을 리모델링한 곳입니다.
후암동 435번지, 삼각형의 땅에 지어진 오래된 집의 외관을 대부분 보존한 상태로 고친 집입니다.
낡고 부스러진 집의 모습을 간직한채 내부는 이상(201),윤동주(202),권진규(301) 세 작가에 대한 존경을 담아 디자인 했습니다.
세 집 모두 발코니,테라스,루프탑테라스가 있고 조용한 골목에 위치하고 있어, 도심속의 휴식을 위한 최적의 장소입니다.
이상,동주의 집은 스튜디오형식의 집으로 2인 기준입니다.
권진규(도깨비)의 집은 4-5인 기준으로 침실2,거실1,옥탑방1을 이용하시게 되며 2개층을 모두 사용하시게 됩니다.
서울역(350m),남산(백범광장200m),남대문시장(500m)과 걸어서 10분이내 거리로, 공항(철도로 43분),버스,지하철을 이용하시기도 편리합니다.