Selecting the right bathroom tiles for your modern bathroom

Choosing bathroom tiles used to be straightforward, but today there is an infinite variety to pick from.

Are you a pattern person? How about the size of the tiles? Colour? We understand the stress that comes with choosing the perfect bathroom tiles for your house, and we’re here to assist you. From the latest trends to expert advice, we offer everything you need to create the ideal bathroom area.

How do I pick bathroom tiles?

Determine your budget; this will influence the bathroom tiles you choose. There are several types of bathroom tiles available, ranging in price from pricey raw stone to economical ceramic. You should also budget for samples. Samples enable you to see the tile in your space. While removing samples might be time consuming, we guarantee it will be worth it once you find the ideal tile.

Selecting the right bathroom tiles for your modern bathroom

Apart from budgeting, we suggest selecting bathroom tiles that complement your selected style. This does not imply playing it safe; it means being aware of the styles that excite and motivate you. Allow your home to serve as a guide, but do not allow it to constrain you. Create mood boards, join Pinterest, and peruse trending topics to get inspiration. Once you’ve determined the aesthetic you’re going for, you’ll feel more at ease selecting the ideal bathroom tiles.

Can I use a different kind of floor tile in each room?

There are no hard-and-fast laws dictating that bathroom tiles must match throughout the home. If you want to create an open-plan living space, you may want to match the floor bathroom tiles in your bathroom to those in the rest of the home. Simply said, choose the finest tiles for the area, which may be the same bathroom tiles used throughout the home or something wholly unique to that room. Porcelain bathroom tiles are usually an excellent choice for a floor.

Should the bathroom’s wall and floor tiles be coordinated?

As with the last topic, there is no rule requiring wall and floor bathroom tiles to match. A consistent appearance from floor to ceiling will provide the illusion of greater space and openness, while different floor tiles will assist define the area. However, why not mix and match? Using two distinct tile kinds in a same area is an excellent approach to make a statement.

What are the finest bathroom tiles for a tiny bathroom?

There are several misconceptions surrounding bathroom tiles and tiny bathrooms, so we decided to shed some light on the subject.

The first fallacy is that little bathroom tiles are not appropriate for small bathroom areas. In general, larger bathroom tiles provide the illusion of more space, while fewer grout lines make them easier to clean. However, if you come across any little bathroom tiles or mosaics that you like, don’t be hesitant to include them into your design! Combining tiny and large tiles may really assist expand the perception of your space, as the smaller bathroom tiles create definition and depth, fooling the eye into believing the area is larger.

The second misconception is that only light colors should be used. By bouncing light around a room, bright colors provide the illusion of a larger area. However, just as combining little and big bathroom tiles adds depth and dimension, pairing bright and dark colors does the same. If you want a deeper color palette, use it in clearly defined places such as shower areas and splashbacks.

Patterns are one thing that people are often advised to avoid in tiny restrooms. While we would not recommend covering the whole room with patterned bathroom tiles, every tile in the bathroom has a purpose, and patterned tiles are no exception. Utilize them in tiny parts or as accent bathroom tiles, allowing the pattern to be as vibrant and colorful or as dark and traditional as desired, and leaving the remainder simple.

Selecting the right bathroom tiles for your modern bathroom

What are the latest bathroom design trends?

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest bathroom design trends to inspire you.

Patterns have returned

Patterned bathroom tiles are everywhere – on the floor, the wall, and shower floors – and it’s easy to understand why. They are the ideal way to complement any place, particularly the bathroom, whether in brilliant colours or gentle tints. They allow you to express your creativity and infuse your house with personality. In 2021, encaustic patterned bathroom tiles and wow factor mosaic bathroom tiles will see a boom in popularity. These bathroom tiles are available in a variety of colors and designs in both ceramic and porcelain. Learn more how to pick the right outdoor tiles for your residential or commercial space.

Who said that neutrals are uninteresting?

While neutral tones often have a bad rap for being simple and dull, they are seeing a trendy rebirth this year. The minimalist aesthetic favors neutral tones such as cream and beige, whereas modern bathrooms combine grey and beige to create stunning, peaceful atmospheres that are both current and timeless. These are complemented by the traditional white and black neutrals. They may be used to brighten up a bathroom, create a dramatic effect, or be combined in the timeless monochromatic aesthetic.

Selecting the right bathroom tiles for your modern bathroom

Dimension Jumping

Set aside ordinary bathroom tiles; 3D tiles are now available. Manufacturers have been forced to think creatively as the market grows increasingly crowded. As a result? Beautiful, one-of-a-kind tiles that will infuse your bathroom with personality and joy. These bathroom tiles range from subtle to dramatic, but each one adds movement and texture to your bathroom. This is a relatively recent trend, but one that we believe you should monitor.

In the bathroom, with wood?

While wood is not often used in bathrooms, porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles have mastered the wood-effect aesthetic, and we are obsessed with it! These bathroom tiles, ranging from wood to maple, have mastered the worn, aged, and white-washed characteristics. This means that the natural beauty and rustic appeal of genuine wood may be seamlessly integrated into bathroom floors and walls. In 2022, an increasing number of homeowners will include wood-effect tiles into their bathrooms.

Final thoughts

With what we’ve discussed, choosing the right bathroom tiles shouldn’t be difficult at all. Go through the steps mentioned here try to consider them when selecting bathroom tiles.